What is Acute Back Pain?

Acute back pain is a medical condition that occurs when a person is suffering from a spinal disorder or disease. Acute low back pain is a condition may not be a serious health concern but it does need proper medical attention as this condition leaves the patient in extreme pain and discomfort.

Acute Back Pain Causes

The main acute low back pain causes consist of a big trauma like falling from a height or a major automobile accident. This condition can also occur due to advancing age which makes the spine less flexible and elastic. Another reason for acute back pain is the person suffering from a back disorder or disease like herniated disc disease, degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis or spondylosis.


Acute Back PainUsually a person who is suffering from acute back suffers from severe back pain as well as neck pain that may last a while. This type of pain will radiate to the shoulder, arms as well as lower back and thighs. Usually patients will also feel tingling sensation in their shoulders, arms as well as fingers and feet. Numbness and muscle weakness are other common symptoms of acute back pain.


Doctors usually perform a physical examination and a complete study of medical health history to diagnose the problem that is causing acute back pain. In case of clinical signs of serious pathology, doctor can also recommend diagnostic imaging and laboratory testing. These test include X-ray, MRI or magnetic resonance imaging as well as CAT scan.

Non specific Pain Treatment

Different treatment options for acute back pain are available and the doctor usually recommends a treatment option based upon his diagnosis of the problem. Medications for back pain include NSAIDs , muscle relaxants, anti depressants and pain relievers. For serious back disorders, doctors can recommend a surgical procedure although most of them go for non-surgical options like physical therapy or chiropractic.