Muscular Problems

Sometimes upper back pain can be cause by muscular problems or injuries in the upper back. The thoracic spine anatomy consists of muscles that are known as rhomboid muscles. These rhomboid muscles work as the connecting point between the edges of the shoulder blades and the spine. A muscular problem is defined as the tear or stretch in them.

Muscular injuries can occur in the form of a strain or a spasm. The spasm of a muscle is defined as a contraction of the muscles that is not voluntary. These types of injuries are generally caused by undue and over-use of the shoulder as well as arms. Most of the time this phenomena occurs in sports injuries where activities like serving a tennis ball requires undue stretching.

Other activities that may work as contributing factor of this problem are rowing, carrying a heavy weight over one shoulder and keeping a poor posture that usually happen when one sits in front of the computer for long period of time.


Muscular ProblemsThe treatment procedure usually starts with a proper diagnosis, once your doctor has examined and checked whether your muscles are tender or tight, he will advice you on prevention of further damage and how to get relief from your problem. The treatment of muscular problems includes a non-surgical technique that includes:

  • Heat and Ice Pack Therapy
  • Medication – Including pain medications as well as anti-inflammatory medications.
  • Massage Therapy
  • Physical Therapy- Includes rehabilitation exercises

Preventing Upper Back Injuries

It is extremely necessary that proper care and prevention may be taken while you recover from the injury so that you may avoid doing further damage to your back. Avoiding activities that are the root cause of the injury is a must until your muscle is healed. For example, activities like playing tennis as well as rowing needs to be avoided and may be traded for other physical activities like running or bicycling.