Lumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery

Lumbar spinal fusion surgery is a lumbar surgery that is done for lumbar spine conditions where the vertebral segment makes a motion that generates pain in the joint. This excessive and abnormal motion in the vertebral segment in most cases results in not just severe pain but also makes it impossible for the patient to perform normal day to day task.

Apart from these conditions lumbar spondylolisthesis, fractures, deformity or scoliosis can also be treated with spinal fusion. This lumbar surgery is designed in way so that it stops the painful motion of the vertebral segment so that the patient get respite from his discomfort as well as his pain.

Lumbar surgeries like minimally invasive lumbar spinal fusion helps the patient resume his normal life in a pain free manner. Moreover, minimally invasive lumbar surgeries are less painful as well as require minimum cuts and incisions.

How Lumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery is performed?

Lumbar Spinal Fusion SurgeryLumbar spinal fusion surgery can be performed using different approaches. These approaches are decided upon by the surgeon depending upon the patient’s problem as well as other considerations like his age and health. Some of the most common approaches are adding a graft of the bone to a part or column of the bone or creating a biological response in which a bone graft grows between two vertebral segments so that a bone fusion can take place. A bone fusion is done so that this fixed bone substitutes a mobile joint that in turn stops the painful motion of the joint segment.

Recovery from Lumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery

The recovery from lumbar fusion usually depends upon a lot of factors like the age, health as were as the severity of the condition that the patient is suffering from. Apart from this another very important consideration that also marks the success of the procedure is the accuracy of the preoperative diagnosis as well as a technologically adept surgeon.