Stiffness and tightness in the back and the neck area can be defined as feelings of soreness as well as difficulty in moving the neck as well as twisting and bending from the back region. Back stiffness as well as back tightness may also come coupled with neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain as well as leg pain.

Stiffness and tightness in the back region can make even the most mundane of tasks quite difficult for the patient. For example, an individual suffering from this type of condition will have to turn his entire body to look backwards as opposed to just twisting.

Causes and Symptoms of Back Stiffness and Tightness

Stiffness and tightnessThe most commonly found cause for tightness and stiffness in the back is usually a muscular injury in the back. These type of strain or sprain may take place anywhere in the spinal column (cervical, thoracic and lumbar region). Facet joints dislocation is another common cause of this problem.

  • Muscular injury or facet dislocation can be caused by everyday activities like:
  • Sleeping in a wrong position that may strain the muscles at the back
  • Doing activities that involve repetitive twisting or bending motion
  • Lifting heavy objects without proper support
  • Keeping a poor posture, like slouching for long periods of time in front of the computer
  • Excessive stress that leads to tension in the back as well as neck

Back Stiffness and Tightness Treatment

Most of the time these symptoms should subside on their own in a week. However, in case that does not happen and stiffness and tightness is accompanied by back pain, then one should consult a doctor. After a proper diagnosis of the problem that is leading to these symptoms the doctor will prescribe the right treatment option. Most of the time non-surgical treatment options like physical therapy, medications like muscle relaxants, heat/ice therapy, therapeutic massage and chiropractic manipulation are enough to relief these symptoms and risky options like back surgery are rarely used.