Exercises for Sciatica Pain Relief

Sciatica pain if severe and steady may take of every semblance of normal life from a patient. This is why when one suffers from steady sciatica pain for more than twelve weeks at the same intensity then it is advisable that help must be taken so that the condition can be controlled from getting any worse.

Treating Sciatica Pain

Sciatica nerve pain can easily be treated with the help of non-surgical and alternative sciatica treatment methods. These non-surgical remedies combined with the right sciatica exercise programs go a long way in helping the patient get over his pain and resume daily activities.

Sciatica painSciatica treatment approaches include:

  • alternative treatments(eg, acupuncture)
  • chiropractic care
  • medications
  • physical therapy
  • Sciatica surgery

 Sciatica Exercise Program

For sciatica pain specialist usually design a very controlled, specific as well as progressive exercise program that is created keeping in mind the underlying cause of the sciatic pain. The main aim of these exercise programs includes:

Helping the patient get respite from his pain

Providing the right conditioning so that the condition does not get worse in future as well the pain does not return

These specific exercise programs will typically be prescribed by people who are spine specialists, physical therapist, physiatrist (PM&R, or Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation physician), chiropractor or a certified athletic trainer.

These exercise programs are known to provide better result and relief from pain then bed rest as inactivity after a period of time just make the pain worse. Without proper exercise and movement the spinal column becomes stiff and less supportive which lead to muscular weakness causing additional pain as well as injury. Exercise gives the spinal cord the movement and fluidity that is needed to be healthy. Features of sciatica exercise program include:

 Typical features of any sciatica exercise program include: